Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
Car Parking

(Indianapolis, Indiana - IN, USA)

Indianapolis International Airport has a superb range of parking options for every type of passenger, with short-term and long-term surface parking, garage parking, business parking, economy parking and valet and disabled parking.

There are more than 10,000 parking spaces altogether, spread around the grounds.

There are automated payment machines for the various car parks, where you can pay by cash or credit card on your return to the airport. Cards accepted include Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners Club credit cards.

Short-Term Multi-Story Garage

This five-tier parking garage is mainly for short-term parking, although longer stays are permitted, but at a considerable expense. The garage is adjacent to the terminal and is connected to the airport by pedestrian bridges. There are 1,800 spaces available at the garage, with the first 30 minutes of parking free and then charges are levied every 30 minutes thereafter or at a daily maximum.


The Business Parking lot is situated fairly close to the terminal and offers free express shuttle buses to the airport building, with a journey time of only a few minutes. This car park also comes with free jump starting and other extra services.

Short-Term Surface

The Short-Term Surface Parking lot is located near to the garage and is within walking distance of the terminal. There is a minimum stay of one hour in this parking lot and then parking is charged at each subsequent 30 minutes thereafter up to a daily maximum rate.

Long-Term Surface

The Long-Term Surface Parking lot is within walking distance of the terminal yet offers daily parking at rates nearly 50 percent cheaper than the Short-Term Surface Parking lot.

Remote Long-Term Surface Tiger

The Tiger Express Parking lot is situated quite a long way from the airport, but it is more economical for long-stays and is fed by free 24-hour shuttle buses.


The Economy Parking lot is the cheapest parking option at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), yet it is located the farthest away from the airport of all the airport's car parks; free 24-hour 'Groovy Bus' shuttles provide transport to the terminal.


Indianapolis International Airport also offers patrons valet parking for those who are short on time and prefer the added convenience. Drivers are met near the terminal entrance at a prearranged time and then their car is parked by a chauffeur in a safe compound. Passengers are then met by a chauffeur and their car outside the terminal exit upon their return.


Disabled parking spaces can be found at all car parks; shuttle buses are wheelchair friendly and porter assistance can be requested by telephoning the airport or your airline beforehand.

Indianapolis Airport IND

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